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Dorothy Lane Dental Dayton Ohio is the biggest scam, sham, fraudulent ripoff I have ever seen! The root canal was more than they said and not even done right.

I have bad taste in that tooth, probably infection and a great deal of pain. When I got my partial plate it was a huge monstrosity of metal, which hasn't been used in partials for years. They forced the thing in my mouth, then it took 3 of them to remove it forcibly. That was after going back 5 times!

I wore it home as they said I 'just need to get used to it." I talked like I had cerebral palsy, slobbered and drooled all over myself and couldn't get it out. I went back the very next day and wouldn't you know dentist had suddenly left the country for 3 weeks! They removed the partial, said they would contact me when my dentist returned. I found out a month later when I started getting collector calls that they never notified the finance company that I did not have the partial.

They took the money, and never refunded the money already paid by my insurance company and the finance company!!

Nobody would ever call me back. Beware!!!!

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